Depression Treatment Options

Depression treatment can be as diverse as those people affected by the disorder however options are available in many forms. Treatments range from physical, spiritual, and finally through means of medical intervention and with such a wide array of solutions it is important that you get as many facts pertaining to depression to insure that you make informed choices that will affect your life or the lives of a family member suffering with Depression.

Depression is classified as a Major Depressive Disorder which is classified by extended periods of lost interest or contentment for general life experiences and/or activities therein. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with in a report released in 2008 over 235,000 adults were interviewed and according to the CDC 9% conformed to the criteria for depression 3.4% were classified as major depression. You may be asking exactly how such conditions are diagnosed and how they may apply to yourself or your loved ones, well the process is more simplistic than you may realize. Two of the most common methods for assessment of depression are the Beck Depression Inventory and the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. These two methods are often the most common determinants in a need for depression treatment.

The Beck Depression Inventory is usually in questionnaire formatting which asks a range of questions pertaining to the subject’s moods and self esteem. These questions vary in intensity and utilize a numerical scale which is attached to each question. For example:

0: I do not feel sad

1: I feel sad

2: I am sad all the time and I can’t snap out of it.

3: I am so sad and unhappy that I can’t stand it.

The questionnaires take a cumulative numerical value based upon the answers provided by the individual to make and assessment to assist a mental health provider with a generalized idea of the current mental status of the patient. If you are interested in learning more about theses type assessment methods or would like to take an exam for yourself or your loved one take a look at our resources page.

Depression Treatment is far from an exact science as many times there are a multitude of acting factors that can determine a person’s mental health. There are many choices for treatment which include physical exercise for starters, counseling, and on the far end in the perfect world the use of pharmaceuticals for treatment. If you or your loved one has signs or symptoms of depression the earlier that you can identify and treat them the better your situation or theirs will be. By catching the problems associated with depression the early stages one can many times prevent and escalation of problems to include a person’s desire to escape the situation or to commit suicide. Early detection of depression is the key to successfully treating the disorder therefore we encourage you to take action in your life as well as those around you. Depression treatment does not have to be done solo, contact a mental health provider as soon as possible.